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Gallery News

Gallery News from Carolyn Gaudet

Gallery Exhibits - April to end of November

INSPIRED FOG - April to mid May
Amy Drutman & George Hiotis

Last summer Amy Drutman spent 10 days on the island, unfortunately these days were filled with fog. Her new interest and newly acquired digital camera were her constant companion on her solo walks. For the many years she has returned to the island these quiet reflective daily walks have helped center her being. This year the fog was her companion and the resulting images tell the story.

Photographs are usually Nouns, the image included here falls into a Verb category.  Active? Anticipating? Let's talk about it, I was captivated by this image, that inspired my requesting her first photographic show.

Joining Amy is her mate George Hiotis, a professional photographer. This is an interesting collection of views of the island from both of them.

We hope to have an artist reception, when the weather warms up, at Carpe Diem Cottage. We would start with a gallery talk then retire for refreshments.

STUDENT EXHIBIT with art teachers Towanda Brown and Lisa Whelan
Until mid June.

FINS and FEATHERS. by the island community. Creative ability abounds!
Until mid July

Art drop off date June 14, at the library, the day after the student exhibit comes down.
Frames are available for 8 by 10 images. Please leave these images by June 12th at the library.

BOATS BOATS and MORE BOATS, by our local artists and more.
Until mid August

Drop of date July 14th, Sunday. Hanging Monday, July 15th. Reception July 22 with Amy Huntington book signing.


GREAT news.



Amy Huntington will be here for a book signing. We will get you a copy of her "Grandma Drove the Lobster Boat" book, contact me to order one. Down East Books has them also. Her study sketches were done here on island for this lobstering book. Her boat study page will be in the boat exhibit. Yea!



BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL by Deb Bretton Robinson
Mid August until mid September

The Dodwell Gallery of Long Island Maine welcomes the exhibit of New England artist Debra Bretton Robinson’s “Big Bold & Beautiful,” a collection of acrylic paintings. The exhibit is part of the library building space and will be running from August 15 through September 15 when the library is open.

When I first walked into her studio I was overwhelmed with her work. I was tempted to load up my car with her paintings. Debra has a very distinctive style, perhaps influenced by WPA Project NY painter, Alice Neel, and the “Group of Seven” Canadian Painters. Her subjects include coastal scenes, city landscapes and portraits.

She frequently joins her husband on his fishing boat and sketches studies for her paintings. Scenes from ocean edges, rivers and ponds fill her studio. They will fill our gallery. A reception is to happen when Debra can join us, be aware of an upcoming date. I am excited to be able to share a collection of her paintings with you. Google her and get a preview of our exhibit.


OUR KATIE JOHNSON by our Katie Johnson
Mid September until end of November

September/ October or longer if she will let us keep the work she has finished up as her senior projects. She has just graduated from the Art Institute of Boston. Looking forward to displaying her work!

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