The new  e-book and audio book cloudLibrary is here!


Click on the above link to visit the cloudLibrary. You will need your LICL library number to borrow books.  Drop by, e-mail licldirector@long-island.lib.me.us  or call 766-2530 to get your library number. If your library number doesn’t work it probably hasn’t been registered with cloudLibrary.  Let us know and we will sign you up.

Long Island Library/Dodwell Gallery Update

The Library’s summer art exhibit is coming down this week. Thank you to artist Nancy Norton and curator Carolyn Gaudet for a wonderful exhibit. The Library is between curators from now until some time in the fall. Rather than leave the Gallery empty we are hoping to have an “on loan” exhibit of residents’ favorite paintings by Island artists or of island scenes. We are just sure that many of you have some wonderful island paintings or other forms of art work to share with the Community during this time when the island has so many visitors, old and new. Please contact Annie Donovan (766-2499) or Paula Johnson (766-3318) if you would be willing to share your art at the Dodwell Gallery. We would like to get the exhibit up by Friday, August 18th. Not being curators ourselves we also would love to have some help hanging or displaying the art work. Thank you in advance.

Paula Johnson

A small library on an island on the coast of Maine