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The Soundtrack of our Lives:

An Exhibit of Vinyl at the Long Island Community Library
Remember the vinyl records of many years ago? A few of us still have them kicking around, unable to let go of them, for nostalgia’s sake. Amazingly, vinyl is making a comeback. A younger generation is discovering them, which goes to show one should never give up on old technologies.
The Long Island Community Library has a small exhibit in the glass case between the library and small meeting room which showcases a sampling of vinyl records owned and loved by Long Islanders, as well as examples of other types of technology that came about afterwards, some of which we’ll probably never see a resurgence of. There is a notebook that we would love to have you tell your stories of favorite records. We also  have room in the case for a few more albums covers – if you would like to share your favorite vinyl, and the story behind it, contact Nancy Noble: nnoble@mainehistory.org or 766-5993.
This exhibit is open during library hours.


Through September




A small library on an island on the coast of Maine