A season of Japanese Block Prints will be filling the Dodwell Gallery in January.

In contrast to the bold colorful Quilt Exhibit this is a restrained studied example of Japanese art prints. So carefully composed, with interesting textural qualities, and limited color. As you study these pieces try to figure out how many blocks had to be cut, one for each color.

No longer able to be on island during the winters, volunteer Ann Calandro, and her team, will be hanging this exhibit. Nancy J and I appreciate Ann’s assuming another role in our community. Not being an advance planner this was a test of my organizational skills! The prints are framed, labeled, stored, and ready for hanging!

It is with sincere gratitude, I thank all the folks who have thanked me for the gallery exhibits,
 Mark Greene being the last one, in the store, as I was parting for the winter months. It is a challenge, but pleasure, to gather pieces to fill these walls! To all the lenders like Reene Donovan, Ann Calandro, Amber Cilley, and Marion Ulmer, who have pieces in the current exhibit, thank you.

To our extended community, a heartfelt wish for a healthy and happy new year!

Carolyn Gaudet, Dodwell Galley curator.

Quilt Exhibit at the Dodwell Gallery

Quilt Exhibit

 November – December 2014

Snowman Exhibit – Exhibit Case in Library


On loan from Penny Murley


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